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Fort McCoy, Florida
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Fort McCoy, Florida

The VFW Veterans Village provides a true home-like atmosphere to Veterans, spouses, widows, auxiliary members, and honorably discharged personnel!
Our guiding principle is to provide affordable, independent living accommodations to Veterans and their Families that have defended our Country. To qualify to live at the VFW Veterans Village one must be an honorably discharged veteran with a DD-214, spouse of a qualified veteran, men and women who qualify for membership in the VFW auxiliary, and widows of Veterans are also welcome.
The VFW Veterans Village, located in Fort McCoy, Florida and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit veteran’s organization and is owned and operated by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Florida located in Ocala. It is the only facility of its kind anywhere in the world that is not subsidized by any federal, state or local agencies. Cost of the day to day operations is met by 75% rent income, and an estimated revenue of 25% is acquired via donations and fundraisers.
The VFW Veterans Village opened its doors 13 October 1991, is spread out over 42 acres, rests among tranquil oaks and palms towering with age and dignity, just like our Veterans residing there. Early on the then 34 rooms were rented and life at the VFW Veterans Village continued to grow. Due to a high demand for independent living accommodations for Veterans, and the low cost to reside there in March 2006 a second addition of 19 rooms was built. The VFW Veterans Village maintains a self-contained fresh water plant and waste system. The VFW Village is supported by an auxiliary power generator that sustained the Village during outages. In addition, in 2016, the VFW Veterans Village opened a new covered pavilion utilized for sponsored and/or hosted events, community programs and fundraisers, including Easter Sunrise Service, Annual Country BBQ Picnic, Veterans National Honor Society Pow Wow, Armed Forces Weekend Patriotic “Concert in the Forest”, Bluegrass Fest, September 9-11 Remembrance Tribute, Veterans Day programs, Christmas in Ft. McCoy, flea markets and more.
On October 1, 2008, LTC Alcides Lugo, JR., U. S Army (R) became the Village’s newest Director. Within a few months various renovations, along with improvements came to fruition and the Village received many cosmetic and functional repairs inside the facility and throughout the grounds. The Director anticipated many new events, functions, as well as opportunities for the public to “rent” and utilize the new pavilion for holiday gatherings, music concerts, weddings, graduations, expos, family reunions, picnics and more. In 2009 the Director spearheaded a community developmental block grant with the assistance of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, these efforts granted the Director a grant for 1 Million Dollars. The funds added a new wing, a new multipurpose activity room plus many other needed repairs along with wonderful things for Veterans to enjoy.
Our Director’s focus is to continue to strive to become an integral part of the Marion County Community by being proactive in searching for partnerships. It is a most challenging and rewarding stewardship, that of helping your neighbor as you help those you are ordained to serve, the one percent of Americans that have served this Country, these men and woman are called Veterans!
To learn more about the “Village” please call us at 352-236-0823 or visit us at 13005 N.E. 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL, 32134! “Scouts Out”

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LTC Alcides “AL” Lugo, Jr USA (R)

Makes it Happen!
To inquire about donations, speaking engagements, traveling to promote or set-up an information table about the VFW Veterans Village at a location of your choosing, or anything not covered.
Please contact the VFW Veterans Village Director LTC Alcides “AL” Lugo, Jr USA (R) at:
Phone: 352-236-0823 Ext. 222


Fresh, homemade meals served daily in the spacious VFW Village dining room!
Supported by a large Commercial Kitchen staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Enjoy Cook to Order Breakfast 3-8 am
Lunch Served 12pm-1pm
Dinner Service 5pm-6pm

Art & Culture

Several items of interest in the area we will let you decide what art is and the culture and history can be found at the link below.


Sight Seeing

We are accumulating a list for you.  If you would like to be on this list or have a sightseeing area you think our residents or guest would enjoy please inform Al Lugo Director 

Outdoor & Adventure

Plenty of property and quiet areas to walk.  We will work on a map of the property and the resident’s favorite paths.

Day Trips

Other than to the VA or shopping trips we have special trips planned and can be seen on the Calendar page.

Shows & Entertainment

Again you can check the calendar to see what may be happening.  We have several events at the village each year pleas look at our Calendar page for what is coming next.

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